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•Friday, April 05, 2013
My first child is now 1 year 2 months old, he often saw my smartphone and always wanted to know what I did, He always notice what I do like start typing a text message, email, WhatsApp, or other applications then He also tried to touch some alphabet and very happy if He touch then appear some alphabet on screen. Outside of my thinking, he also noticed how I lock my phone and how to unlock it. Before, He always asked me to make the screen On, but now He can touch the button to unlock then touch the slide to unlock the application. And, while I'm busy not holding my smartphone, he was playing with my smartphone, I noticed what He pressed then after He unlock button and touch slide to unlock on screen, He said "ca ca .." in the Indonesian language "Bisa" means "Can can ... "Maybe he's very proud that He could do it... Ontoher thing I really wonder, he often went to touch any application and suddenly the my music in my smartphone was ON, sometimes He also touch anything then call someone or SMS to someone els. More safe I use a double lock.

What I write above is the true story and just for a little sample that the children now is really smart start from early age (under 3 y.o) they are familiar with the technology even operate it, They learn faster by just looking and watching what adults/parents do then They try it.

Children today are even more tech savvy than adults and are fast becoming a generation obsessed with the iPhone. They use it for a multitude of functions including surfing the internet, sending text messages and chatting to friends through social networking sites, not to mention the array of apps and games they use. While children and teens see their iPhones as an extension of their social lives, parents value them for other reasons. There are plenty of parents who feel more secure knowing they can get in contact at any time if necessary.

To facilitate communication, the iPhone and other smartphones is critical to help the children's activities and easier for us to taking care of them. But there are also concerns that found for children now as my niece who just turned 3 years old, he used to shoot his own use and then tell their friends, the more adult children increasingly widespread interaction, especially in schools, there is a concern for parents that if children are involved in inappropriate activities such as cyber bullying, online chatting with strangers, sex-ting and took photos of inappropriate content and then share it on social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc). All of these can be concerning to parents, and as a result many are uneasy about how their kids are using that iPhone which was intended as a safety measure. However, with iPhone spy software in, parents are able to monitor their child’s activity in order to head off any potential threats.

mSpy can run unobtrusively in the background and log all of the activity on the iPhone. This is then loaded up to a secure area where the parent can look over it as they wish. The software can log all kinds of activity from call logs, iMessaging, text messages, web browsing history, Facebook messages, photos and videos taken and even GPS locations. It is even possible to log on and view the iPhone in real time to see what is being done at any given time. There are also additional features which allow the sending of remote SMS commands which can lock or unlock the iPhone. With this application, It would be more safety for your children. However, by installing software such as mSpy onto the iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, it is possible to monitor these activities regardless of whether or not they are deleted. For Android you can check it out

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