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•Friday, November 23, 2012
Rakia stand up and holding the keys
When I was pregnant I am still enjoying my work until over 8 months, some people asking me "Question of Life" : Money or Children, I have to choose one of them, Of course I am gonna choose "My Children" althought I also want to always work and help my husband to get more money. But, I think children is more important for me and for my husband, that's why after I born my baby I am stop working. I know my economy is less than when I work but happiness can't reach with money. Before I was pregnant, actually I had plan to take babysitter to take care of my baby then I am still can work, for the breast milk I can squeeze and put in the bottle and keep in the fridge, but after I was pregnant I was thinking about my baby..Because I am staying in Bali, far with my parents, If I take babysitter I afraid they will not good in taking care of my baby, so I think better I take care of my baby with my hands.

I am the one of Mother in the worlds who left the good job only for baby, and I get exciting life with my day together with my son (Rakia), Because I can see him learn a new thing everyday, I can accompany him wherever He's going to play, whatever He wants, His language althought He's still can't talk but only me who understand him, Sleep in the afternoon with him, take him for bath starting when after He was born, Looking at him when He drink the breast milk, Laugh when watch him show the funny face, Keep on eyes to him when He is enjoying with his toys, cook for him everyday so that I know what He likes and what He doesn't like, What food He ask to me..Maybe I can understand him more than anyone cause I am the one who always stay with him.

For now one, Rakia really happy....yesterday I found him can turn On and Off the Fan after He stay for 3days (before and after wake up) stay in front and behind the fan and as ussual He check what I do. Then, few days before He always show while smiling that He can stand up by him self, few days before He show me that He can claps his hand, He show me that He can sweep and mop the floor ( He just follow me to do, but actually HE just do the funny thing), He can dance Gangnam style, He can typing the word with my laptop (even I don't know what He write, He just touch any how), change the channel TV with remote control, operating my mobile touch screen mobile phone that make me surprised...cause He just touch and touch then suddenly I heard the music, or see  some picture in my Gallery or watching some video in my mobile phone. I don't know what He does I think He still not understand with, and He touch anyhow but I can see him.
baby dancing, stand up baby
Rakia try to dance while stand up

Rakia is really active, He will try to do whatever I do, for example when I am washing my cloth, or washing some dish, or when I cook..He try to do the same..touch the vegetable before cooking, cut some vegetable, and If I don't give He will complain so I do cutting on the kitchen table and I give him unsharp knife (dinner knife) and give him chopping board also give him a little bit of vegetable so that He can enjoy the same thing with I do. When washing, also I have to give him one pail with water so that He can play with it. For the dish, I give him plastic dish, plastic spoon for Him to play with the water, He will show to me He clean all His dish. Really funny because He is still 9 months old.

How about you? Which one will you choose? Money or Children?

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